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Seeing that she had really melted away to nothing, Dorothy drew another bucket of water and threw it over the mess. She then swept it all out the door. After picking out the silver shoe, which was all that was left of the old woman, she cleaned and dried it with a cloth, and put it on her foot again. Then, being at last free to do as she chose, she ran out to the courtyard to tell the Lion that the Wicked Witch of the West had come to an end, and that they were no longer prisoners in a strange land. The Cowardly Lion was much pleased to hear that the Wicked Witch had been melted by a bucket of water, and Dorothyat once unlocked the gate of his prison.

“We are 90+ strategic designers and business creatives connected across 8 studios, 6 time zones and 3 continents.”

There was great rejoicing among the yellow Winkies, for they had been made to work hard during many years for the Wicked Witch, who had always treated them with great cruelty. They kept this day as a holiday, then and ever after, and spent the time in feasting and dancing. “If our friends, the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman, were only with us,” said the Lion.

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The chief mate of the Pequod was Starbuck, a native of Nantucket, and a Quaker.


The chief mate of the Pequod was Starbuck, a native of Nantucket, and a Quaker.

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Data Analysis

The chief mate of the Pequod was Starbuck, a native of Nantucket, and a Quaker.

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What People Are Saying

[blockquote author=”Peter Zumthor – Swiss Architect” pull=”normal”]“Designing is a matter of concentration. You go deep into what you want to do. It’s about intensive research, really. The concentration is warm and intimate and like the fire inside the earth – intense but not distorted. You can go to a place, really feel it in your heart.”[/blockquote]

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